Advanced Engine Technologies, LLC
Advanced Engine Technologies, LLC
  • Outside of Engine Dynamometer Test Cell

Capabilities Include

Engine power sweeps
Fuel and ignition mapping
Combustion analysis
Running friction measurement
Endurance testing
Fuel consumption measurement
Emissions testing
Research and development

Engine Test Cell Services

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Engine dynamometer sample report
Our state-of-the-art engine dynamometer test cell is used to test a variety of engines, from conventional to experimental. Whether it's steady state, transient, or durability testing, Advanced Engine Technologies, LLC has the equipment and expertise required. Our experienced staff can assist in instrumenting the test engine, can perform the tests and data collection, and can generate instantaneous performance reports following every test. If additional in-depth analysis is required, post-processing can be provided using our 96-core computer system. Click the image to the right to view a sample dynamometer test report page. For a full sample test report please contact us to request a copy.